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Programming YOUR Financial GPS:

Our process is to simplify our advice into actionable items that can be measured in a flexible, personal financial plan. We work together to evaluate your current financial situation and talk about the future – prioritizing goals and discussing time frames for achieving these goals. We meet regularly with our clients to monitor whether goals are being met or circumstances and priorities have changed. We have the ability to adjust your plan as change presents itself.  Once you begin your plan, you can expect the following meetings: 

1.) LAUNCH: We get to know you and work together to figure out how much you make, how much you typically spend, and other relevant financial information about your life.  We discuss your needs, your goals, and even your distant wishes. 

2.) WHAT IF?: After the financial planning department creates a trial plan, we stress test the plan with several scenarios.  For example, how does your plan fare during a significant market correction?  What if you need more money than you expect? This stress testing uncovers areas for improvement and leads us closer to the implementation stage.

3.) IMPLEMENTATION: At this point, we've matched your financial situation with your goals and reams, considered things that could go wrong, and developed a set of suggestions for mitigating risk to your success.  Now, we're ready to implement your financial plan by creating your roadmap that leads you to your planned destination.  This roadmap is clear, flexible, and can "re-route" when you want to add stops along the way.

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