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Doug & Karen

The following examples do not include any actual clients, recommendations made, or advice given. The example sheet is intended only to provide hypothetical example of people who might work with Turning Point Financial.

Ready to retire after 30 years!


Doug works for the Federal Government and Karen is an executive at a local company. Doug has a decent understanding of his federal benefits, but isn’t sure of the exact choices in his benefit package. He is trying to choose the best option to make sure Karen is protected and doesn’t want to foolishly give away his well-earned benefits. He wants unbiased guidance from someone who understands all of the pros and cons of the various decisions they’re facing. Karen wants to retire when her husband does, but she’s not sure they’ll have enough money to do all the things they want to do.


They consulted with Turning Point Financial and decided to work on a COMPASS plan – a simple financial planning process that brought clarity to their situation and helped them weigh their benefit choices . The cool thing was that they could see how each decision impacted their finances throughout their lifetimes. The government literature could not help them in this way. They prioritized the goals to be accomplish immediately, and those they could address over time.


The COMPASS plan gave them comfort in knowing how long their investments would last and how much they were able to spend in retirement. The planning department helped them make adjustments once they retired, and was able to move with them as things changed. Today, Karen is working part-time due to her own choice, and they have a schedule of trips and plans that are making them happy.