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25 May
VIRTUAL WORKSHOP: Retiring in 6-24 months?


Are you certain that your family will not run out of money in retirement?

  • Not running out of money is really important, but we are equally concerned about your quality of life during retirement. We help clients think deeper to ensure you can live a rich and fulfilling life in retirement.
  • Our planning process covers the obvious financial aspects of your life, but your health, family longevity, plans to stay engaged, your spouse/partner and their plans, your budget, dreams, goals, kids and grandkids all matter, too. We'll help you consider it all.

Is your Long Term Care Plan solidified?

  • Did you know that 70% of the population will experience a long-term care event?
  • Everyone needs an aging plan, and those plans look different depending on the individual. We just care that you have one!
  • So, what’s your plan? Family, Self Fund, Insurance? Many don’t know where to start, or what their options are.

Are you going to be overpaying the IRS in retirement?

  • Most of us agree it is okay to pay our fair share of taxes, but no one wants to leave the IRS a tip!
  • Are you prepared for a higher tax environment?
  • Are you set up with multiple accounts offering multiple options and flexibility to minimize your tax bill, depending on your circumstances?

Do you have a Distribution Focused Strategy for your investments ready to go?

  • Your accumulation phase is coming to a close, now what?
  • It is time to have your money pay you!
  • What is the best income producing solution?

What does your ideal day in retirement look like? Sure, you have saved and invested well, but what’s the money for?

  • What is your plan to stay engaged, vibrant and healthy?
  • How will you fill your days?

Date and Time

Tue, May 25, 2021

12:00p - 1:00p EST




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