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We at Turning Point Financial believe that we have an opportunity and an obligation to give back by supporting organizations and causes that positively impact the communities that are important to our stakeholders.

 As a company, we have several ways to act on our desire to give back. Employees generously give their time and talents to support a wide variety of organizations. In addition, Turning Point Financial allocates a portion of our budget to financially supporting causes locally and globally.

 We have selected two organizations to partner with that meet some very important needs. Crossroads Freedom Center in Ijamsville, MD provides support to men seeking recovery from addiction. The Mother of Mercy Secondary School in Lare, Kenya exists to provide education to young girls who otherwise may not have access. Click below to learn more about both of these organizations.

Client Centered

The Mercy Oil & Mercy Seeds Plant will produce sunflower oil, which is highly sought after for its use in the food industry and as a healthy cooking oil. The business has many benefits, including low machinery and construction costs, easy access to resources from the community, and the ability to utilize existing property. Local farmers will receive free seeds and training, while former students can work in various areas of the plant. The school's delivery truck can transport the finished product, and the business can be used as a teaching example for students.

Additionally, the husks and hulls left after oil extraction can be used as livestock feed, reducing feeding costs and generating additional revenue. Samuel Kagundu, with experience in running a sunflower oil processing plant, will serve as a mentor and oversee operations.

Turning Point Financial is fully committed to spreading the vision and seeking contributions from individuals through charitable giving, current income, or word-of-mouth. We have already provided initial funding for the project, enabling the order of oil processing machinery. 

 We have also successfully obtained high-quality seeds and made progress in the interview and training process for farmers. Your support, regardless of the size, will make a significant difference. The Mercy Center Foundation requires additional capital of $150,000 to complete construction, licensing, acquire feed processing machines, and hire and train workers. This capital will cover expenses for crop production, bottling, and selling of oil. Excess funds will be used for emergencies or other financial needs at the school.