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Melinda & Josh

The following examples do not include any actual clients, recommendations made, or advice given. The example sheet is intended only to provide hypothetical example of people who might work with Turning Point Financial.

Successful, professional couple in their late 40’s


When Josh and Melinda looked up from their busy lives, their 3rd child was already graduating college! They were proud of their daughter but also felt like they hadn’t focused on their financial lives enough recently. They had no idea if they were on track or not, or even what that should be for them. After focusing so hard on getting their kids through school they were just beginning to breathe again financially. During their lives they usually tried to do the right things – saving money where they could, contributing to their retirement plans at work, and paying off as much debt as possible along the way. Their COMPASS Plan helped them step back and see where they stood and where they could go financially. Having a team focused on them and how they could maximize their situation really alleviated their concerns about the future.


When they came to Turning Point they really wanted answers but they weren’t even sure what questions to ask! The COMPASS process allowed them, for the first time in their married life, to see where they stood financially. And the process helped them finally understand how the pieces fit together, which motivated them to make a couple of small changes and move forward.

The experience was helpful for them because every challenge that was presented was met with answers and options. The Turning Point team became their personal financial problem solver and advocate!


Each year they revisit their COMPASS at least once just to make sure they’re still on the right path. When big things happen throughout the year they also know that their team is just a phone call away. Instead of navigating through life on their own, Turning Point has become their guide and support. It’s clear to them now how their actions impact each area of their life as well as their future goals. With the added service of having their tax return prepared and filed by Turning Point’s Tax and Accounting Department, they finally have the clarity they’ve been looking for – all under one roof!