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A Clear Path to Your Financial Goals Includes Tax Planning

When individuals and businesses think of financial strategy, taxes are often overlooked, but they’re a critical part of your financial health.

For many people, few things create more fear and doubt than when it comes time to file taxes, but it doesn’t have to feel like you’re stepping into the unknown. As your personal wealth or business grows, it becomes critical that you do more than just file taxes each year. You need to plan ahead to avoid unwanted surprises.

Available Taxes and Accounting Services

Annual Tax Filings

Tax Planning & Reduction Strategies

Tax & Investment Coordination

IRS Notices and Audits

Accounting Services

Business Valuation

CFO Outsourcing

Integrate Tax Planning with Your Other
Financial Services for Greater Success

Though we’re happy to coordinate with outside accountants and specialists, there’s a great advantage to having tax services under one roof with your investments and insurance solutions. After finding a clear path to your financial goals in our COMPASS Program, we can better support your strategy as one cohesive team.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can access additional services designed to help them build their company’s value and protect their investment so they will one day receive the maximum return on their hard work.

Your taxes are worth getting excited about.

Believe it or not, we get excited about helping people with their taxes. Whether its individual or business taxes, you have the opportunity to integrate your tax planning and preparation as part your overall financial plan. Taxes are part of your path to success, and we want to join you on the journey.

Schedule a Consultation to avoid costly mistakes and instead head into tax season with the confidence that comes from being well-prepared.

Our Services

Everything you need to find financial clarity and reach your goals is here.


Financial Planning

The COMPASS Program is the best place to start. This process reveals the clear path to your financial goals.

Financial Services

All of the services you need to support your goals are available here in one place.

  • Investment Management
  • Taxes and Accounting
  • Insurance Solutions

Is Tax Season Stressing You Out?

• Do you owe the IRS?

• Did you have a major life change?

• Do you comply with the new tax code?

• Did you miss a deduction?


Fill out the form below to download the PDF document explaining 7 Tax Myths that can cost you each year.

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Nobody likes to lose money.

As tax professionals, however, we see people make some very common mistakes that end up costing them big. That’s why we compiled and debunked this list of myths so that you can avoid paying more than you have to.

✓ Avoid making common mistakes
✓ Learn about often missed deductions
✓ Stop paying more than you have to

Turning Point Financial

Clarity Ahead

Most people have questions about their financial future. By showing you a clear path to your financial goals and providing the services you need to reach them, we help you face the future with confidence. Read more

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