Tax Preparation and Planning for Individuals and Small Businesses

If you’re looking to maximize your tax efficiency or receive coordinated financial advice, we offer full tax preparation and planning services at Turning Point. Although we still love to coordinate  with outside accountants and specialists, sometimes providing  these services under one roof  adds efficiency.

Business owners and entrepreneurs can access our additional services designed to help them build their company’s value and protect their investment so they will one day  receive the maximum return on their hard work . Whether it’s an individual tax return or business accounting and consulting services,  we will leverage  the skill of our full service professional team  on your behalf.

  • Annual Tax Filings
  • Tax Planning & Reduction Strategies
  • Tax & Investment Coordination
  • IRS Notices and Audits
  • Accounting Services
  • Business Valuation
  • CFO Outsourcing

Is Tax Season Stressing You Out?

Do you owe the IRS?

Did you have a major life change?

Do you comply with the new tax code?

Did you miss a deduction?

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Nobody likes to lose money.

As tax professionals, however, we see people make some very common mistakes that end up costing them big. That’s why we compiled and debunked this list of myths so that you can avoid paying more than you have to.

✓ Avoid making common mistakes
✓ Learn about often missed deductions
✓ Stop paying more than you have to