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The following examples do not include any actual clients, recommendations made, or advice given. The example sheet is intended only to provide hypothetical example of people who might work with Turning Point Financial.

The owner of a successful small business


Warren has owned a business for 25 years. He has seen his share of ups and downs and wasn’t sure how things would work out, but now he feels like he’s finally hitting his stride. He still works a lot of hours trying to make sure things run smooth but he doesn’t worry as much as he did in the early days. He hasn’t started his succession plan because he doesn’t think his son is anywhere close to taking the reins yet. He also isn’t sure he’s doing everything he can to save money or save taxes – he feels like every year he’s paying more and more in taxes which eat up most of his extra cash.


He decided to get a Business Value Optimizer from Turning Point’s Tax and Accounting Department. During this process, he firmed up his company’s outlook in a couple of key areas and “plugged up the holes” in his current structure. With the help of the team at Turning Point, he also found a few ways to save some money. He now has a team to support him and help him think through any issues that may arise, as well as a step-by-step plan to move toward his goal of being able to enjoy more time with his family.


There was a lot of ground to cover but after making some gradual, well thought out changes, he managed to put a plan in place that not only protected his family but would allow him to eventually retire from his business. Since he didn’t want to walk away completely for the foreseeable future, the plan helped him ensure that his family was protected if something were to happen to him. The plan is still in progress and he works with the Turning Point team to continually adjust it as his business and personal needs change.