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Find a Clear Path to Your Financial Goals

Whether you’re saving for retirement, running a business, or just plain chasing a dream, you deserve to set your doubts aside and look forward to your future!

Get a Clear Picture of Your Finances

Gain Peace of Mind Through Financial Planning

Get Expert Support For the Path Ahead

Are you uncertain about your financial future?

Too many of us live in a constant, stressful state of unease about whether we’re on the right path toward our financial goals. You shouldn’t have to seek clarity about that on your own.

Welcome to Your Turning Point

Leave doubt behind and turn down the clear path to your financial goals.

Find Direction

Our COMPASS program gives you a clear picture of your finances and the plan for reaching your goals.

Find Support

Our team provides all the support your plan needs for investment management, insurance, taxes, and accounting.

Find Joy in the Journey

Let your doubts give way to excitement and enjoy the confidence that comes from knowing you’re on the right path.

What Are Your Goals?

Get our family on the right financial path


Ensure my business is financially strong


Get ready for a successful retirement


Every journey is unique, and we believe yours is worth getting excited about.

For more than 25 years, we’ve helped hundreds of clients find financial clarity. Our team has decades of experience that they use to support you. However, our values are what truly set us apart. We are truly excited to help you, and we are committed to the following:


We find more joy in giving than receiving.


We do the right thing, even when it’s hard.


Whatever it takes, our team never gives up.


We seek to see things from your perspective.


We work hard for your success because it matters.

Our Services

Everything you need to find financial clarity and reach your goals is here.


Financial Planning

The COMPASS Program is the best place to start. This process reveals the clear path to your financial goals.

Financial Services

All of the services you need to support your goals are available here in one place.

  • Investment Management
  • Taxes and Accounting
  • Insurance Solutions

There’s Clarity Ahead. Here’s How You Find It.

1. Discovery

Schedule a consultation right away. This Discovery Meeting helps us get to know the facts, but more importantly it lets us understand your unique story.

2. Get a Financial Clarity Plan

Whether you need individual services or the full COMPASS Program process, putting a plan together for you is something we absolutely love to do.

3. Follow a Clear Path to Your Goals

Your Turning Point is here! It’s time to start your new financial journey, and we’re excited to support you every step of the way.


5 Things Keeping You From Financial Clarity

Are you doing any of the 5 things? 

Download this PDF to see if you can make some easy turning points to get you closer to achieving financial clarity.

Turning Point Financial

Clarity Ahead

Most people have questions about their financial future. By showing you a clear path to your financial goals and providing the services you need to reach them, we help you face the future with confidence. Read more


Find More Clarity at Our Blog

There’s Clarity Ahead for Your Business, Too!

Many business owners try to reach their full potential by adding onto their business rather than optimizing what they already have.

The Business Value Optimizer program at Turning Point gives you the strategy and partnership you need to:

  • Get the full value out of your existing business,
  • And build a strong foundation for the future.

Find out what’s holding you back. Learn how to overcome it, and find a clear path to success.

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